Onboarding made sense

Role—Discovery, UI/UX Design, Animation, Illustrations
Tools—Sketch, Principle
Platforms—iOS, Android + Web
Testing—User interviews, A/B experiment


Users do not understand what VarageSale can offer them before signup. There were lots of people downloading the app, but not converting (~15% drop-off).


Signing up to Facebook first without any knowledge of what VarageSale does or features was a deterrent for users.


Creating an educational walkthrough of benefit-driven values will encourage more people to complete signup.

Where we started

We exhausted testing variations of the original design, that were all basically the same.

Similar imagery

Similar copy

Similar CTAs

Where we iterated

We started to focus on the value that VarageSale provides and what makes it different from other buy & sell platforms.

Where we landed

The final solution was marriage between values and features to set expectations for the user of what they'd be getting out of VarageSale. 

Results + Learnings

  • Animations communicate the message much faster
  • Users need to know what they're signing up for before signing up
  • ~5% conversion increase from original
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