Providing support to women who've experienced pregnancy loss

Company—Slalom Build (2020 Hackathon)
Role—UI/UX Design, Illustration, Animation
Tools—Figma, iMovie

The year that I spent at Slalom Build, I participated in a Hackathon called "Hack for Social Good," whereby teams partnered with non-profits to create/build solutions.

I was part of Team Cuterus—yes, an adorably relevant name given the topic. We were a team of (mostly) all female strategists, engineers and designers (me). 

Topic: Pregnancy Loss

We observed an overall lack of easily accessible support and information for women who have experienced pregnancy/infant loss. We asked ourselves: 

How might we best support women and families who have experienced pregnancy/infant loss?

Our team chose this topic because we have all directly or indirectly experienced pregnancy loss.

What is HERA?

The name HERA came from the Greek goddess Hera, the goddess for women, marriage, and childbirth.

HERA is a web app that supports women who are experiencing or who have experienced pregnancy loss. It also offers guidance to their partners, friends and family by providing resources.

The app also connects folks to a broader community to help process grief, ask questions, and provide a safe space for dialogue and share stories.

HERA Video Overview

I took the lead on overall visuals. This includes all illustrations, animations and composing the entire video to tell our story.

The video gives an overview of our team, the topic we chose for the Hackathon, as well as a mini demo of HERA.

*Note that the experience is still in v1 , there are future plans to make this become a reality.

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