Revamping the Bargain Shopping Experience

Role—UI/UX Design
Platforms—Mobile Web, Desktop Web

What is Browze? 

Browze is an online retailer with one goal in mind: to save people money on quality goods. 

They partner with international suppliers and manufacturers to provide the best prices on products that have been tested and checked rigorously to ensure top quality. 


At the time, Browze struggled to understand it’s product market fit, which made narrowing in on a brand identity difficult. Given the mission to save people money on quality goods, we did a lot of exploration to create a style guide and design system that was bright, friendly, approachable and reminiscent of 70s bargain store branding remixed with IKEA. The tricky part was to design UI where people could associate “great deals” to Browze, while still communicating that the products were of high quality. 

Alongside Browze’s Creative Director, I helped to define the overall look and feel of the Browze web (desktop and mobile) experiences. 

Mobile Designs


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Desktop Designs

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